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You may be a professional or busy parent, or a dedicated carer for your children. Either way you want to know that your child is receiving the best training and support to enable them to reach their potential, both mentally and physically.

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  • Jim Tucker-Salfield

    Jim Tucker-Salfield

    Course Director

    Hi I'm Jim. CEO MoZo Music Ltd. Director Music Fountain Education Ltd. We have delivered live events, developed courses and resources for over 10 years. I have been a professional recording and touring musician and teacher for over 20 years. ‘MOZO-let’s play’ App in development. Fun story-led instrument learning for 5-9s coming soon.

What the people say:

“Jim. You are a total superstar. Thank you so so much for today. I LOVED hearing the concert and all you've done. Even musical notes!”


“We really like MoZo Island and we want to offer it to everyone in the borough..”

Brendon Le Page, Head of Lambeth Music ServiceBrendon Le Page, Head of Lambeth Music Service

“Jim. Thank you for a really fun session. Both V… and K…. were very excited and left "feeling like a rockstar" in their own words.”


“The kids have really enjoyed the music classes and have benefitted in so many ways. I'm really pleased with the results.”

Andy Thwaite, Head of Music Hurlingham SchoolAndy Thwaite, Head of Music Hurlingham School

Beginner's Guitar Course

Children Age 5-10

An established motivating course in an engaging environment perfect for little stars to learn new skills on the guitar and with their voice
Start learning with us
Beginner's Guitar Course

We LOVE it!

Miranda Sawyer: Journalist, Broadcaster

The Observer, BBC


Michael Smiley: Actor, Comedian

Luther, Dr Who, StarWars Rogue One

"Both our kids  had guitar lessons with Jim Tucker, he was a really good teacher for them. Our son pretty much sat at home and went through the whole course one page after another till he finished it. And she can’t stop singing that song now, it’s been about a week." 

Nick Butterworth: Author, Illustrator, Producer

Percy Park Keeper....One Snowy Night....Q Pootle 5

In conversation about the MoZo Island natives, “Oh yes, look at those. The characters look great. I’m sure the children will enjoy this very much.”

Simon Tong: Musician, Guitarist

Gorillaz....The Good, the Bad & the Queen....Paul Weller....The Verve

"Jim Tucker has been a great teacher for my daughter, she has really loved her lessons with him."

Dr Colin Riley: Composer, Head of Music Faculty -  Brunel University, London

"Mozo Island has a brilliant blend of ebooks, videos and audio which will delight kids with off-beat characters and stimulating games alongside a solid structure of learning. The course also blends the physical learning of an instrument with musical concepts and theory within a hugely open and embracive environment." 

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Where is my Hut?

Music, Art & Story Club MoZo Island Music Family Activity for children age 5-10 to design and build a beach hut or explorers tent in a small corner of their house. Full details in the Live post 2.30pm -3pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday. We will have a ‘Live’ Pop song learning session with my children on Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard, Piano, Percussion, Drums and any homemade noisy stuff. Age 5-10s, easy and relaxed singalongs to get you up and grooving. Each 20 min session will include: - Physical warm-up (stretch and breathe) - Vocal warm-up (hum and ahhh) - An easy song for the younger ones to sing along - A Pop song for the older ones to sing along and play - Instruments to make and play Activities for next week include: - Welcome to MoZo Island - - The story, the place, meet the locals - Drawing a map of your Island - - Where do you want to explore? - Drawing and Building your Beach Hut or Tent - Making some noise - - Finding some musical instruments around the house YOU WILL NEED: -A BIT OF SPACE IN A ROOM -A TABLE AND CHAIR -PAPER, PENCILS, COLOURING PENS. -LARGE HEAVY CARDBOARD -CEREAL BOXES -PAINTS, PAINT BRUSHES Children will be able to take part each session by using paper, pencils, pens and art equipment. If you have musical instruments you can join in with the songs by following the musical notes and chords. Extra help with music learning also available. Suggest your song list and we will play your favourites! There may be some special guests! You can access these session through your own Facebook account, and find MOZO ISLAND MUSIC FAMILY This is a Facebook page that you can follow, so you can see the ‘LIVE’ video. If you can’t get to the page when it is ‘LIVE' you can see the episode on the page with other videos, songs and activities. Post photos of your artwork and performances of the songs for the group to enjoy, if you want to. (secure monitored group) Keep Well! Enjoy your staycation! Share the MoZo! Best wishes James and family x #event #education #music #learning #skills #children #family #art

Posted by MoZo Island Music Family on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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